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Face Oils

At Soapetc we start formulating your facial oils by selecting a carefully balanced blend of natural oils including Rosehip, Rice Bran and Camellia Oil. Camellia oil is also known as the Geisha's secret. The Japanese Geisha's use Camellia Oil on their hair, nails, face and body.

Then, after a lot of research, very specific active oils are blended according to their skincare properties, to reflect the requirements of all the different types of skin out there.

Kaolin Clay Foaming Cleanser
At Soapetc our Foaming Clay Facewash has been described by many as having a mini facial every day. This transforming daily exfoliator is made using coconut husks, Kaolin Clay and Camellia Oil. As you know we like making different formulas for different skin types so each base has some skin loving ingredients added with specific clay or charcoal to suit different skins from oily to sensitive and pore cleansing to just right. 
We have carefully researched the benefits of essential oils by skin type and added some of those for you too.
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Beetroot Facemask

Our DIY Kaolin and French Pink Clay Facemask is full of goodness. Whilst the clay draws out all the dirt and impurities, the Raspberry Seed Oil and Beetroot hydrate and feed your skin leaving it soft and glowing. We think you should use this facemask weekly as part of your skincare ritual.

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