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Transforming plant and earth elements to cleanse and protect delicate and youthful skin safely.
Sustainable and Zero Waste.

​Formulated with teenagers and handmade in Strathbungo, Glasgow.

No harsh, drying chemicals to strip your skin.



Teenagers LOVE product. So here at Soapetc, with two of them in the house, we have decided to make sure the products the teenagers use are 100% SAFE for young skin, still developing and going through many changes.

Being a teenager is hard enough right? Spots and hormones and emotions and moods and breakouts and sebum all playing havoc with your skin.

Regular gentle cleansing can really make a difference. Avoid anything harsh or abrasive.

Stripping your skin of its oils will only make it produce even more.



Teenage Boys love product too. An increase in testosterone can lead to a significant increase in sebum production clogging pores and causing blackheads. Teenage boys need a very gentle exfoliation and protection and non-comedogenic products. 

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