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Pick me for : Anxiety | Tension 


Our soothing mix of Epsom, Himalayan and French Grey salts soaked in our Tranquility blend of essential oils will balance your emotions and boost your general sense of well being. It is simultaneously relaxing yet uplifting.


What's Inside Me?


Epsom Salt sometimes known as magnesium sulphate are called salts because of their chemical structure. 

They can help to boost your magnesium levels which can soothe muscles, reduce pain and inflammation and may help your body produce melatonin, a hormone which promotes sleep.


Pink Himalayan Salt   is highly restorative and packed full of 84 different mineral including magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium to ease muscle tension and stress. They are known to reduce inflammation, ease pain and reduce fatigue.


Celtic French Grey Sea Salt is hand harvested on the marshes of the Guerande Peninsula in Brittany using the same traditional methods for several thousand years. It is naturally grey as it crystallises on contact with the clay from where it gets its amazing trace element content as it dries naturally with the help of the wind and sun. It is approximately 70% sodium chloride and the rest is made up of other minerals.


Sweet Orange is a cheerful and uplifting essence yet simultaneously relaxing and calming. It's brightening quality can alleviate stress and leave you energised. The vapours are believed to be beneficial when experiencing anxiety, sadness, frustration and negativity. It may induce sleep and improve sleep quality.


Bergamot the citrus scent of Bergamot oil is cleansing and refreshing whilst bergamot is known to help reduce anxiety and stress. It's anti congestive properties promote easier breathing and it is known to create a feeling of being refreshed and renewed.


Geranium has a sweet, uplifting, energising and inspiring floral scent and is reputed to reduce feelings of sadness, fatigue and anxiety and balance your emotions, enhance concentration and improve your cognitive function and immunity.


Ylang Ylang has a sweet, delicate, yet powerful floral scent and is used to calm your mind and create a positive, deeply soothing atmosphere. It can be uplifting for your mood and soothe feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and sleeplessness.

Serenity Travel

  • 1. Give the salts a good shake to mix the essential oils around.

    2. Take a handful of salts and throw into your warm running bath.

    3. Swirl the water around until all the salts have dissolved and the aroma is released.

    Soak  |  Inhale  |  Relax  |  Enjoy

    We recommend you drink some water to keep hydrated before and after your soak.

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